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The Green Riyadh project will contribute in increasing the per capita share of green space, and raise total green spaces through planting trees around all city features and facilities as well as in all its provinces. All of the greening will be watered by recycled water from an irrigation network. The greening initiative will lead to improved air quality and reduced temperatures in the city. As a consequences, this project will encourage Riyadh citizens to follow a healthy lifestyle which is part of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030

Afforestation projects




Tree species

Using of 72 of local tree species which are able to survive in the Riyadh environment


Processed Water

Maximize use of recycled water in irrigation works by increasing its usage from 90.000 cubic meter per day now to more than 1 million cubic meter per day in the future, by establishing a new recycled water network

Riyadh Green

The Riyadh Green project is one of the most ambitious urban forestation projects in the world. Today Riyadh is a thriving city in the desert and you can feel the desert all around you. Using 7.5 million trees, this project will change Riyadh forever with every road, street, park and public place becoming part of the green oasis. Behind the scenes, a vast new network for water recycling is being created, which will enable this project to become a reality.


Project Benefits